How can it be?
A lifetime of precious memories
Reels of film
And yet, I can only see the end
Your end
It haunts me.

How can it be?
The complex & complicated road we traveled
The one that led us to a better, deeper & stronger path
A true knowing & understanding of one another as people
has come to an abrupt end
There is nowhere left to go with you.

How can it be?
I will never hear your voice
You will never speak my name
We will never laugh together, cry together
Simply just “be” together.

How can it be?
You, who basked in the sunshine
Could no longer see the light
You who reveled in the beauty of the ocean
Could no longer see the promise on the horizon
You who loved to gaze at the lighthouse
Could no longer see it’s symbolism…
Storms pass
Calmer waters come
Safety is within reach

How can it be?
That you…
Felt so alone on this earth
So isolated in your pain
So much like a burden to those who loved you most
To believe that we might simply be better off without you

How can it be?
Never again will we share
A kiss
A hug
A card
A celebration
A conversation
A hard day
A sad day
A memory
An “I love you.”

How can it be?
Why must it be?
It didn’t have to be.
It didn’t have to be.

But it is.
It is.
It is.

How can it be?
I do not know.
I do not know.
But it is.