Hi. My name is Deborah. Welcome to my blog, where I share my personal reflections on life from our little corner of the world.

When I began this blog, that corner of the world was in Roswell, Georgia. Since then, our life journey has brought us out west to Erie, Colorado.

I am a believer in living my life out loud. Sharing our stories has always been a way for me to process my own feelings, find clarity amidst the haze and center myself when life throws us off course. Writing has deepened my joy, eased my sadness, allowed me to touch the lives of others & be touched in return.

The journey we are on is much the same as every other family. I’m married 27 years to my very best friend, and together we have 3 unique, bright, beautiful daughters. And lest she feel left out, there is 1 four legged furry member of our family, our sweet lab Libi Leah.

And yet, our story has its unique plot twists as well. Raising a child with autism, having a daughter with congenital heart defects, living through a long term family estrangement & finding our way back to reconciliation.

On April 20, 2015, I embarked on one of the hardest chapters of my life after losing my father to suicide. Much of my writing has been devoted to navigating the treacherous and uncharted terrain of traumatic grief. Being a survivor of suicide loss has forever altered me. But as I gather up the pieces and attempt to put them together in a new mosaic,  it is my hope that I can make meaning of my father’s loss and the pain that my family has endured in the aftermath.

Life  and loss are breathtaking in their scope.  As I travel down the path that has been laid before me, I’m honored that you have chosen to share in that journey with me.

Deborah The Mighty